That's What You Said...About Pauly D Becoming A Dad!

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From the boardwalk to the bassinet! Earlier this week, the Internet nearly exploded with the news that "Jersey Shore" star Pauly D is now a dad, and while we know he'll be a great one, fans were naturally shocked by the story. Even Pauly's former housemate, Snooki, said she was completely caught off guard.

Still, his most loyal fans shared tons of congrats and support, saying they were sure the DJ is up to the task. Check out some of the comments posted to Remote Control, Facebook and Twitter, and tell us what you think of the news!

Remote Control:

"He's funny as hell and a really nice guy. I hope his child has the great hair of his dad!" -- Paula

"She's beautiful! Amabella is just precious! Congrats Pauly!" -- Missy


"Lorenzo has a play date now :)" -- Annie K.

"Yeaaaaah buddy.....I mean yeeeaaaaahhhh baby. Lol" -- Ruben P.

"Goodbye 'CABS ARE HERE!' Hello 'BUS IS HERE!'" -- Eugene D.

"Guess Nicole will be rethinking Lorenzo marrying Jenni's kid." -- Ashleen T.



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Photo: Matthias Clamer, Amanda Markert's Instagram