Two 'Nikki & Sara' Superfans Gleefully Remember Their One Direction Surprise Interview [Video]


Kathryn and Malery are actually TOUCHING One Direction.

When teenagers Kathryn Harley and Malery Rodriguez found out they'd won a guest-hosting gig on "Nikki & Sara LIVE," they knew it would be a fun learning experience, but they never -- in their wildest dreams -- imagined they'd be interviewing (not to mention HUGGING) the dreamiest British boy band since the Beatles a.k.a. One Direction! And from that day forward, no other young woman in America would ever have bigger bragging rights.

We got a chance to sit down with the two future talk show hosts, and in the video below, Kathryn and Malery giggle their way through recounting the awesome surprise. "My heart felt like it dropped, like, to my feet," Malary says, while Kathryn describes meeting Niall, Harry and the rest of the guys as "the best moment of my life."

Clearly, MTV got it right when they picked these girls for Nikki and Sara's mini-me gig, because the apple doesn't fall far from the tree with regards to meeting music royalty. Let us not forget how a certain Mr. Justin Timberlake rendered the two chatty comediennes as speechless as their proteges. Dreams: They do come true. (And when they do, even the best of us can go mute.)

Check out our interview with Kathryn and Malery, and don't miss the star-studded season finale of "Nikki & Sara LIVE" tonight at 11/10c!

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Photo: Malary's Instagram

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