In Honor Of 'Scrubbing In' Hunk Adrian, Here Are The Top 5 Hottest Male Nurses On TV


Helloooooooo nurse. The minute Adrian joined the party on tonight's "Scrubbing In" premiere, we, like Tyrice, had to pick our jaws up off the floor and try our best not to gawk at his chiseled bod. "Adrian is like the sun, the moon, the stars," she said of the gorgeous traveling nurse (before the big fight, of course), and from abs you could use to clean laundry to that million dollar smile, we could practically hear women across America swoon every time he so much as sneezed.

But the sexiest thing about Adrian? HE SAVES LIVES FOR A LIVING. Plus, nursing isn't just a paycheck for the buff caretaker. After his brother's death from medical complications, trying to change the state of healthcare in the U.S. has become extremely important to Adrian, and it's clear from this video that he's passionate about his career and patients.

In honor of Adrian's hotness, devotion and...hotness, we've picked five TV male nurses (murses?) worthy of his Supreme Being of Hospital Sexiness status. Check out the list, and let us know who we might have missed!


Dell Parker, "Private Practice"

As Oceanside Wellness Group's resident receptionist/nurse hybrid, Dell was a Jack of Two Trades. While the doctors at OWG didn't always give him the recognition he deserved, his final, selfless act on the show cemented him as not only a good nurse, but a great friend. After a car crash during which Dell was rushing to get Maya, the daughter of Drs. Naomi and Sam Bennett, to the hospital to give birth, rather than having himself checked out, he insisted on helping Maya first. He ended up dying of an undetected brain hemorrhage, but if it hadn't been for Dell, Maya and her baby wouldn't have made it.


Eli Lloyd, "Grey's Anatomy"

One of the most well-respected nurses at Seattle Grace, Eli entered into a relationship with Dr. Bailey after winning her over with his expertise and, well, it's pretty obvious what else. WILL YOU LOOK AT HIM? At first Bailey didn't take Eli seriously, but the pride he showed in nursing eventually changed her perspective. Their relationship didn't last very long, as Bailey was still in love with her anesthesiologist ex-boyfriend, and millions of female viewers cried tears of joy, because how dare Bailey steal our man?!


Morgan Tookers, "The Mindy Project"

Okay, so Morgan might not be conventionally "hot" -- he reminds us a bit more of Chris than Adrian -- but he's got it going on in his own weird way. He managed to convince Dr. Mindy to hire him even though he's an ex-con, and the man is magic with broken noses! Couple that with his Midas touch for turning every single girl he's hooked up with into marriage material for the next guy they meet, and we think there's something really special about Morgan...minus the "No More Stealing Cars" abdomen tattoo.


Peter Petrelli, "Heroes"

Stuck in the shadow of a political powerhouse family, Peter chose to live a quieter life as a hospice nurse. His talent for absorbing other people's powers made total sense, considering he made his living as a caretaker for terminal patients. His good looks and empathetic nature worked to his advantage throughout "Heroes"' run, and though he quit his job as a nurse in the first season to "save the cheerleader," his hair alone deserves him a spot on this list. Don't you just wanna run your fingers through it?


Sam, "Nurse Jackie"

Look, we never said these nurses had to be great at their jobs...just super hot. Sam, a struggling drug addict, routinely stole meds from All Saints and took part in other unsavory things that actual nurses should never, EVER do, but...his face is so dreamy, and he called Jackie out for her addict behavior, which took a lot of guts. Jackie's one scary bitch.

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