Mac Miller's 6 Most Crippling Rich People Problems


 Mac Miller's got 99 problems, but growing a beard ain't one.

With the lavish lifestyles they lead, it's easy to forget that deep down, celebrities are just like us. If you cut them, do they not bleed? If you tickle them, do they not laugh? If you deny them high-speed internet at a luxury hotel, do they not shrug and move on? Well... Apparently, if you're MTV2 reality star and world-renowned rapper Mac Miller, that last one poses a bit of an issue. So...maybe not all rich folks are exactly like us.

Sure, Mac's dealt with his fair share of average-people dilemmas, like stressing over what pooch to purchase or trying to control pesky neighbors, but life in the fab lane dishes out a completely unique set of issues that us regular humans will never see, and if you take one look at Mac's Twitter account, they're all super annoying! Hey, The Notorious  B.I.G. didn't write "Mo Money, Mo Problems" for nothing.

Behold, the Top 6 #MacMillerProblems, via Twitter:

1. "i hate nice hotels with slow internet."

Can't fault him for this one. For the cost of a VIP suite, is lightning-quick WiFi too much to ask?

2. "Nobody's tweets are important"

As an artist, Mac needs to be inspired at all times -- even when checking his Twitter.

3. "Someone in Glasgow please bring me GTA5 for Xbox. I'm at The Garage."

Who doesn't want to escape reality once in awhile, especially when you're in stuck gloomy Glasgow?

4. "I want someone to diss me so bad. Just a whole diss track."

Here we all are trying to be liked, while Mac just wants to be hated. #we'redoingitwrong

5. "it's going to be so hard to wait to drop this song."

So what's the problem, Mac? Just leak it!

6. "I just want everything Ralph Lauren. Polo. Polo. Polo. Polo. Polo. Polo. Polo. #Polo"

We hear there's a great sale going on at T.J. Maxx -- meet you there?

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Photo: Jamie McCarthy/ Getty Images