Prep For The 'Girl Code' Premiere With A Season 1 Marathon This Weekend! [Video]


It's been awhile since the ladies of "Girl Code" have graced our presence with fresh advice, so we can't fault you for possibly forgetting the rules on dating co-workers (don't) or PDA (only when necessary). And if that just so happens to be the case, we're generously giving you an ENTIRE DAY to brush up on bad boys, penises, breakups and much more!

As a prelude to the October 30th premiere of Season 2, MTV is running a nine-hour marathon this Sunday, so grab a gallon of pumpkin spiced latte and get ready to binge. You'll want to do some finger-stretching exercises beforehand, too, because throughout the marathon we'll be pulling tweets with the hashtag #GirlCodePremiere from fans and the "GC" cast, and plastering them up on the TV screen. Technology: so cool. Plus, if that's not enough to keep you glued to your papasan, the marathon will also feature sneak peeks from Season 2 and cast discussions like the one below, in which Carly, Nicole, Tanisha and Jessimae ponder aloud all the weird propositions they get now that they're kinda famous. "I get inmates to ask me to marry them," Jessimae says. Hey, it ain't One Direction, but it's a start!

Check out the clip, and don't miss the Season 1 marathon of "Girl Code" on Sunday, October 27, starting at noon.

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