Deadpan Queen Alice Wetterlund's Best 'Girl Code' Moments, As Memes!


If you're the type that wouldn't dare laugh out loud in church or during a test, avoid any seat next to Alice Wetterlund. The Sahara-dry "Girl Code" cast member has managed to make audiences LOL over topics as trivial as overalls, and the show's truest fans know they can rely on the promising comic for the type of chortling that can only come from punch-drunkenness the morning after a wild party.

There will be plenty of stares and sarcastic whispers to come from Alice when Season 2 of "Girl Code" premieres on October 30 at 10/9c, but if you desperately miss her long pauses and talk of "french touching," check out some of her biggest Season 1 hits as a series of memes!

On making up with your best friend:


On individual expression:


On winning over your beau's buds:


On scandalous sleepovers:


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