'Teen Mom 3' Sneak Peek: Katie's Mom Calls The Cops On Joey


Between Roxanne doling out some harsh words to Devoin and Alex's mom, Wendy, kicking Matt out of the house, we've seen the "Teen Mom 3" grandmas get mighty protective of their daughters and grandchildren numerous times, but in this sneak peek of the next episode, Katie's mom, Luci, really unleashes a fury upon Joey.

In the clip below, Luci tries to stop him from storming out of his and Katie's apartment with Molli. "Joseph, don't do this," Luci pleads, while trying to physically block the doorway as he shouts expletives in her face. When Molli starts to cry amid all the commotion, Katie demands through tears that Joey hand her over. After her daughter is safely back in her arms, she retreats to the bedroom as Luci calls the police. "I have the cops on the phone," she threatens Joey, to which he fires back that he doesn't care, and then forces her out of his home. If Katie and Joey's relationship wasn't done before, this will surely be the final nail in the coffin.

Check out the video, and don't miss an all-new "Teen Mom 3" Monday night at 10/9c.

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