'Awkward.' Doesn't Begin To Describe Nikki & Sara's Interview With Ashley Rickards [Video]


Remember Nikki & Sara's jovial interview with their fantasy man, Justin Timberlake? Welp, turn that inside-out and you've got their sit-down session with "Awkward" star Ashley Rickards. Last night, after the Palos Hills gang returned to MTV for the second half of Season 3, the comediennes chatted with the actress behind Jenna Hamilton, during which they discussed...oranges...sort of? Like, France, a little bit, too. Oh, and "Gravity"! Forget our notes, did we, ladies?

"Is this an interview?" Ashley whispers to someone off-camera in the skit below as Nikki and Sara sit idly by. The girls are suddenly jolted into consciousness and shoot off a flurry of questions before Nikki flips the script, making things even more uncomfortable. "Do you have any, like, questions for us?" she asks Ashley while Sara pokes at her elbow crease to pass the time. If you can believe it, their exchange is actually more cringe-worthy than Jenna's surprise birthday party from hell.

Check out the "interview," and see if you can make it through to the end without shuddering from second-hand embarrassment!

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