Pauly D's Baby Girl Is His Fist-Pumping, Mop-Topped Twin! [Photos]


Amabella has her father's coif.

The big news that Pauly's "D" now stands for Dad spread like wildfire across the web yesterday, along with dozens of jokes about baby blowouts and tiny fist-pumps. But as it turns out, the kid truly is the spitting image of her pops -- right down to his signature 'do. The former "Jersey Shore" star and DJ has clearly passed on his most pronounced traits to 5-month-old Amabella, as shown in the Instagram photo of her above. From the tall mop of hair to her cutely curled mini-digits, this bambina is a DelVecchio through and through! And while she's still too young to spin on the ones and twos or rock her first pair of hard-soled Nikes, we predict Amabella will be screaming the ol' "YEAH BUDDY!" very soon.

+ Do you think Amabella resembles her father? Check out more pics of her below, and sound off in the comments!


More hair-raising similarities between PD and his little girl!


She's ready for the "Jersey Shore"!

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Photo: Matthias Clamer, Amanda Markert's Instagram