'Teen Mom 3' Bonus Scene: Mackenzie Admits Her Fear Of Being A Single Parent To Her Mom


During Monday's "Teen Mom 3" episode, Mackenzie decided to go on a girls-only camping trip to help her cope with her breakup with Josh, and she definitely had the right idea. Listening to advice from the women in her life -- be it her girl friends, her sisters or her mom -- was just what she needed to help her through the difficult time. In the bonus scene below, Mackenzie's mom, Angie, takes her on a shopping trip to outfit all of her camping needs (including chocolate for s'mores, of course) and to lend a motherly ear to her daughter's relationship woes.

"Josh is pretty adamant about needing space, right?" Angie asks her daughter. "Yup, so I'm gonna give him that space... He wants it, so there's nothing I can do about it, so I just kinda have to deal with it," Mackenzie replies. Angie positions herself as a sounding board so that Mackenzie can vent her frustrations and dig through to the root of the problem, which she's somewhat known all along. "I didn't want to be [a single mom]," she admits.

"If you have to be a single mom, you be the best single mom in the entire world," Angie encourages.

Check out the clip, and don't miss "Teen Mom 3" Monday nights at 10/9c!

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