'Awkward.' Poll: Does Jenna Love Matty Anymore?


Only a short time ago, Jenna Hamilton would have gone to hell and back for just a bit of Matty McKibben's attention, but tonight, after Season 3 of "Awkward" finally returned, we're not even sure she'd get up off the couch for her beau. There's no doubt the idea of hurting him by kissing Collin left her racked with guilt, but the prospect of losing Collin's company ultimately seemed far worse than the very real possibility of being separated from the guy who used to give her butterflies.

With Jenna's 17th birthday looming, Tamara -- who caught the infidels in the act...twice -- convinced Jenna she either had to break things off with Collin or tell Matty the truth about her wandering lips. Jenna said she'd sever her tie with Collin, but the more she tried the harder she fell for him -- and the more she brushed off Matty, who was trying to make her big day a special one. In the most awkward way possible, Jenna's affair eventually caught up to her when a kiss with Collin in her living room outed the lovers to the mass of family and friends waiting to surprise her for her birthday. As Lacey would say, "S**t."

+ Tell us what you think: Does J-Town still love Matty, or has her heart wandered away?

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