Jamie Lee's Greatest 'Girl Code' Hits, As Memes!


Jamie Lee is the idealized older sister from any high school movie: cool enough to sneak you into the party, wise enough to cut you off after your umpteenth shot and sneaky enough to hide your stumbling from your parents. The levelheaded "Girl Code" comedienne has made her mark on the show by turning her own dating and drinking disaster stories into cautionary tales, and viewers love that she can laugh at all the drama in her rear view mirror.

Across the series' first season, Jamie touched on everything from sensible exercise routines (just stop eating s**t!) to the appeal of bad boys, and spared no detail in between. Take a look at some of her most famous quips collected as memes, and catch Jamie in action again when Season 2 of "Girl Code" premieres October 30 at 10/9c!

On self-worth:


On growing up:


On the bonds of sisterhood:


On life's simple pleasures:


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