Alex Of 'Teen Mom 3' Explains Why She's Not Looking For A Serious Relationship [Video]


Between raging hormones, college applications and dealing with peer drama, being a teenager is tough, but navigating romantic relationships is probably the most intense part of adolescence. Throw in being a teen mom and the dating world becomes exponentially more complicated. In this "Teen Mom 3: A Closer Look" clip, Alex Sekella tells host SuChin Pak why she's not looking for a boyfriend anytime soon.

"I don't feel as if I'm ready for a serious relationship, because my priority is 100 percent towards Bellie," Alex explains. SuChin elaborates on Alex's comment, noting that there's no such thing as "in-between" relationships for teens moms -- if he's not ready to commit to something exclusive and long term, and to function as BOTH a good boyfriend and role model for their child, the only place to welcome him is into the friend zone.

Hear about how Alex's and Katie's dating lives have changed since they became mothers:

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Photo: Colin Gray