5 Reasons Pauly D Will Make A Great Dad


Pauly D was like a big brother to his "Jersey Shore" housemates, but now, the man beneath the world's most famous blowout is ready to step up as a dad! MTV News (via TMZ) reports that Pauly has an infant daughter with a 26-year-old New Jersey woman, and he couldn't be more excited.

"I'm proud I'm a father," he said. "I am excited to embark on this new part of my life."

The leap from globe-trotting DJ to diaper-changing dad will definitely be a jarring one for our fist-pumping friend, but we know the king of Seaside Heights is up to the task. Here are five reasons fatherhood is right up Pauly's alley.

1. He knows his way around a diaper: In a cartoon world, at least (see above). In all seriousness, though, time spent around Snooki and Jionni's little Lorenzo has surely prepared Pauly for a future as PTA president. If you've changed a single dirty Pamper or tasted a drop of baby food, you're definitely ahead of the curve.


2. He's capable of giving tough love: Pauly's one of the nicest guys around, but remember his spat with Deena in Italy? It might have seemed harsh, but it was a much-needed lesson for D, who ultimately learned she shouldn't steal people's hookups. With any luck, though, Pauly's little girl will be the perfect angel.


3. He's a damn good cook: Pauly D's Sunday Dinner prep is no joke. Even Tom Colicchio doesn't chop, dice and peel with the same gusto, and Pauly's little girl can definitely count on her dad for the finest num-nums...once she has teeth, of course.


4. His little girl will sport the freshest kicks: Have you SEEN this guy's shoe collection? Barefoot running may be in vogue, but as long as Nike's still in business, Pauly's daughter's tiny toes will never touch a grain of asphalt.


5. He encourages artistic expression: The man makes a living mixing music, for crying out loud. And don't discount the many tattoos he sports -- they're clear proof that he will definitely not be the staunch buttoned-up type. Draw/paint/sing on, little lady!

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Photo: Scott Gries