Katie's And Mackenzie's Relationship Troubles Are Nothing New For Teen Moms


By Amy Kramer of the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy

Both Katie and Mackenzie found themselves in trial separations with their fiancés on last night's "Teen Mom 3" episode, and both were naturally torn up about it. Katie didn't want to be alone, insisting she and Joey could beat the odds, but Joey was too sick of fighting, and knew it would eventually be detrimental to their daughter, Molli. It's unlikely the couple will make their way back to each other.

In Mackenzie's case, Josh was barely communicating with her, and when he did finally text her, it was to ask her to collect her stuff from his house. He wasn't around when she arrived, and after waiting for him to return for almost an hour and unsuccessfully trying to get through to him by phone, she gave up. Later, Mackenzie admitted to her friends that bringing a baby into their relationship at such a young age had taken a toll on them.

Not that it's any consolation, but what Katie and Mackenzie are going through is pretty typical for teen moms. According to national data, less than a year after a baby is born, more than half of teen mothers aren't living with their child's father. Of those, one in three say they either avoid each other all together or they fight a lot. Among those who do live together, one in three teen moms say they argue often about relationships, responsibilities and money. In addition, more than one-third of all teen moms report feeling depressed every week.

Dealing with the day-to-day drama of teen relationships while trying to be a parent is extremely difficult. To find out how you can avoid getting pregnant before you're ready, head over to MTV's It's Your Sex Life website.

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