Lauren Conrad's Engaged, Speidi's Still Scheming...But What's New With The 'Hills'' Supporting Players?


These days, "The Hills" can only be seen on MTV during "retro" marathons, but thanks to the magic of Google News alerts and social media, keeping tabs on Lauren Conrad's updated relationship status (check out that ROCK!) is easier than "Keeping Up with the Kardashians." We love that there's never a shortage of Speidi shenanigans and that Audrina's still in the public eye, but in case ya haven't noticed, some of the Hillzies like to keep it a bit more low-key. That is, they did -- 'til Jason Wahler went out and got hitched and Holly Montag got engaged...right on the heels of LC. So what's the rest of the extended fam been up to? Find out how four other fab (but semi-forgotten) cast members have been staying busy since filming wrapped.


Justin Bobby: Turns out, our favorite motorcyle-ridin' badboy's just as elusive off-screen as he was on. JB's all but disappeared since we last saw him as Audrina's sometimes-ex (and Kristin Cavallari's...something-or-other). Dude's not exactly the Twitter type, so it was difficult to find any firsthand info, but he's reportedly modeling, bangin' on the drums and keeping celebs like Adam Levine lookin' salon-ready. Sadly, no word on whether or not he's still rockin' the shirtless overall look, but the dreamer in us says PLEASE.


Stacie the Bartender: Aside from recently popping up on our Hottest Bartenders list, Stacie's been pretty much MIA since her stint on the small-screen. Fans may remember that Stacie (who roamed "The Hills" as K-Cav's BFF) originally tapped Kristin to be one of her bridesmaids. And while this Twitter pic suggests those plans might've changed, fortunately the "I do's" went on as planned. As of this past August, the brunette beauty -- who counts Playmate Kendra Wilkinson among her inner circle -- officially became a Mrs. (and she's got the bikini bottoms to prove it).


Frankie Delgado: Die-hard "Hills" fans might remember Brody Jenner's sidekick as a lovable bachelor, but Frankie actually tied the knot with longtime girlfriend Jen Acosta back in June -- within a week of Kristin Cavallari's own nuptials. But don't worry -- not everything has changed. All the cutesy love-tweets to his wife may make your heart melt, but they haven't hurt his "Bromance" with Brody one bit. Not only was B front and center at the wedding, he was also the one who announced Frankie's engagement (by tweeting "Congrats to my brother.") Once a bro, always a bro...


Stephanie Pratt: When you hear the term "on-again, off-again," you don't usually think of siblings, but Stephanie and Spencer's relationship has had more ups and downs than a pull-up contest. Fortunately, these days sis and bro appear to be getting on great -- not only is Steph back in Speidi's good graces -- after three looong years of estrangement -- she was even in on their latest publicity stunt. And rumor has it Spence even introduced his sis to her main squeeze, "Made in Chelsea" star Spencer Matthews. Once you get past the whole same-name thing, it's actually sorta adorable. (Except for, well, this.)

+ Missing any other former Hillzies? Let us know who you wanna hear about and we'll do our best to track down some info.

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