'Teen Mom 3' Poll: Should Katie Quit Trying To Save Her Relationship?


After they couldn't even put their differences aside during Katie's birthday getaway, Joey told his fiancé on tonight's "Teen Mom 3" that their fighting had gotten completely out of hand, and it was time to break things off. But Katie just wasn't ready to give up. She spent much of the episode telling Joey that they could "beat the odds," and that she was happier with him than without him, but Joey had clearly already checked out.

Katie seemed to be grasping at straws to try and save her relationship, especially during the couple's final screaming match, in which Joey reasoned -- very loudly -- that Molli will soon be old enough to understand her parents' fighting, and she should not have to suffer the same fate he did growing up. When Katie finally kicked him out, we can't imagine any viewer was left doubting these two are better off apart. Unfortunately, Katie is coming to the realization at a much slower pace.

+ What do you think? Should Katie finally call the time of death on her relationship with Joey, or should she keep fighting to keep her family intact, no matter what the cost?

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