Palos Hills' 10 Most 'Awkward.' Moments To Date, Shown As GIFs!


Just a regular ol' stroll through Palos Hills High's hallowed halls!

If your first day of school starts with rumors of a suicide attempt and an arm cast so cumbersome it'll ruin every shirt you own, you can guarantee s**t's gonna be "Awkward" for at least a full semester. Ever since we met Jenna Hamilton, she's been at the center of every type of embarrassment: She's caught her parents doing the deed, been rap-serenaded by her guidance counselor in the middle of the cafeteria and even flashed her fellow students in hopes that it'd get them to stop talking about her (note: it didn't) -- but she's not alone in the Palos Hills hall of shame.

See, awkwardness seems to be contagious, and ALL of those who keep J-Town's company have fallen victim to some disturbingly uncomfortable moments over the past three seasons. Take a look at the most "Awkward" moments the show has offered up yet, and be sure to tune in to the premiere of Season 3's second half Tuesday night at 10:30/9:30c!


Sweet 16? Not exactly...


Tamara gets her groove on in truly "Awkward" fashion.


Sadie's dream hookup doesn't go quite as planned...


...and neither does Jenna's attempt to silence her Palos Hills haters.


Ming gets quite a surprise by the queen of the Asian Mafia.


The Hamilton household morning routine is a liiiiittle unorthodox.


In need of dance lessons? Look elsewhere.


Mr. Hamilton is protective pop times ten.


Matty's mouth is intercepted en route to his girlfriend.

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