Melissa Ponzio's 'Walking Dead' Character Bites The Dust! Let's Hope Mama McCall Fares Better...


Thus far, Melissa Ponzio's "Teen Wolf" character, Melissa McCall, has escaped the dreaded Snackable treatment, yet to befall a fate so gross it begs to be GIFfed. However, Ponzio's character on AMC's "The Walking Dead" was not so lucky on last night's episode. Karen bit the dust in a pretty gnarly way, and we're crossing our fingers the actress who played her isn't forced to die all over again when "Teen Wolf" returns.

When Karen and another zombie apocalypse survivor fell ill with symptoms that closely mirrored an earlier death in their camp -- one that turned a kid into a brain-noshing Walker (ya know, the usual) -- a mystery vigilante dragged Karen and her friend into the open, doused them with gasoline and set them on fire before they could pass on their fast-acting flu. We mourn the loss of Karen as much as Tyrese does in the episode clip below...unless it means Ponzio will now have more time in her schedule for "Teen Wolf." She's got lots of family dramz to tend to come January, and Scott needs his ma!

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