'Catfish' Wall Of Shame! Behold, The Many Faces Of Guilt In GIFs


Kristyn looked ready to chew off a finger after admitting to lying to Mike.

For every fool in love on Season 2, there was a "Catfish" who felt like utter crap for having caused their victim pain (well, except for a few, like Justin...we're pretty sure he relished the opportunity). Ever since Gladys and Tony melted into puddles of guilt after admitting to taking Cassie for a ride on the first episode, the perps' shame-faces became more and more pronounced, and by the time Heather broke down only seconds after greeting Michael in the season finale, we had accumulated quite the list of remorseful reactions.

Maybe Season 2's catfish have learned their lessons, or maybe they're still up to the same ol' tricks, but for the most part, they each experienced at least one single moment of humbling clarity. Check out the best of the worst looks of regret!


Tony was devastated after coming clean about the fraudulent phone sex he had with Cassie.


Alexis handled Dorion's rejection well, considering she was completely racked with guilt.


The word "hi" has never caused so much pain as it did for Heather.


Framel could not contain the shame he felt after Marq called him out for lying.


Dee Pimpen tried to apologize by assuring Keyonnah her feelings were real.


Melissa hadn't lied about her identity, but still felt ashamed for leading Nick on while she was in another relationship.


Chasity wasn't Derek's dream girl, but she did her best to make nice before he left town.

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