Why Are Machine Gun Kelly And MTV's Sway Giving Nick Cannon A Big Eff U?

Somewhere in a dark corner of a Detroit studio, Eminem is wincing, because Nick Cannon's gone and pissed off yet another white rapper. Earlier today, Nick posted these Instavids of Machine Gun Kelly and MTV VJ Sway Calloway giving a big fat EFF U to the "Wild 'N Out" frontman. Now is that any way to thank someone for inviting you onto their stage, MGK?

As it turns out, the vids were all in good fun: Saying "F**k You, Nick Cannon!" is not so much a dis, but rather a throwback to the popular "Chappelle's Show" skit, "The Three Daves," in which the comedian curses Cannon's name for beating him out of a big movie role. In the video of it below, Dave's son pours salt on his father's gaping wound by calling Nick "hilarious," which doesn't sit well with dear ol' dad. "I'm glad you think he's so g**d**n hilarious, because he just walked off with your school clothes money," Dave responds. Apparently, Nick was hogging all the jobs in Hollywood even in his rookie years!

Check out the clip, and be sure to tweet your own "eff u" contributions at Nick! Or maybe don't do that. Ever.

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