Rob Dyrdek Ventures To The Middle Of The Mall In Full Riff Raff Costume [Photo]


Slaps on some grills and suddenly, Rob Dyrdek is Riff Raff!

Halloween is just around the corner, and we know one guy who's already got his neighborhood costume contest locked up. Usually one for hoodies, comfortable jeans and a smart baseball cap, "Ridiculousness" host Rob Dyrdek ditched his go-to ensemble in favor of some grills, braids so tight they could give him brain damage and, of course, jewelry (none of that middle-of-the-mall sh**, though). Yes, friends, you can now call Sir Robert Dyrdek by his alias: Riff Raff.

In preparation for an upcoming episode of "Ridiculousness," Rob tweeted the photo above with the caption "It's the Dayton Ripper aka the Kettering Killa!" For a first-time impersonation of the "G's to Gents" contestant, the intensity in Rob's face is spot-on, but let's not forget: Riff Raff's got somethin' cooking inside that corn-braided-encased cranium, too. He's a master of vocabulary, so hopefully, Rob's got a dictionary handy (or an iPhone with Riff Raff's Word Of The Day series bookmarked) so that he might fully emulate the rapper.

+ What do you think of Rob's getup? Tell us in the comments, and enjoy our entire "Word of the Day" series with Riff Raff below!

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Photo courtesy of @RobDyrdek