She Who Packs A Punch: Carly Aquilino's Best Quips, Spelled Out In Memes!


If you're waiting for Carly Aquilino of "Girl Code" to flinch, it will never happen. The show's most deadpan comedienne could out-stare a stone, and viewers can always count on the feisty redhead to deliver a hearty helping of sarcasm with a side of facetious. Is she serious? Is she kidding? The world may never know.

Over the course of "Girl Code" Season 1, Carly's musings on foreplay and ruminations on being really, really bad at softball have made her a true fan favorite. Take a look back at some of her most memorable quotes, and be sure to re-enroll in the school of Carly Aquilino when "Girl Code" returns on Tuesday, October 29 at 11/10c.

On minding your own business:


On self-expression:


On keeping up appearances:


On self-protection:


On the honesty policy:


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