From Party Cove To Behind The Bar, Get A Load Of Tonight's 'Big Tips Texas' In Memes


The fists were flying by the end of tonight's back-to-back "Big Tips Texas" episodes, but it was the verbal mud-slinging that really made it a party. Mimi learned the hard way that new girls have to pay their dues before being initiated into the Redneck Heaven sisterhood, but she definitely wasn't the only one on the receiving end of a good tongue-whippin'.

As soon as Kristyn and Typhani exchanged words over swimwear at Party Cove, we knew we were in for some potent quotables. From Morgan and Jillian's bonding over errant extensions to Amber's always inspirational toasts, check out the best one-liners from Episodes 3 and 4, and tell us what "Big Tips" lingo has made you double over so far.

Mimi, on her ideal man:


Macy, on her target-practice talent:


Kristyn, after being sentenced to cleaning duty by Typhani:


Jillian, on Mimi:


Morgan, on the trouble with extensions:


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