Why Is Danielle Fishel Dressed Like A Homeless Teenager In An Alleyway? [Photo]


Danielle Fishel in an alleyway. #bighairdontcare

Homelessness has never looked so hot. Former "Boy Meets World" star Danielle Fishel may be hanging around one too many Maxim models, because this shot she posted to Twitter yesterday sure is a far cry from the wholesome Topanga we once knew. "Hung out in an alley most of the day. Just a regular Tuesday," she tweeted. Wonder what she does on Hump Day.

It could be the bride-to-be's trying to prove she's still sexy as hell despite no longer being in her 20s (it's working), or perhaps she's making a case for "Girl Meets World" MILF of the year, but we'll let y'all be the judge. Give us your best guess as to WTF Danielle was doing spread eagle in an alleyway!

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Photo: Danielle Fishel's Instagram