'Catfish' Poll: Can You See Michael And The Real Caroline Together?


Lovestruck Michael's confrontation with his twice-over "Catfish" was paiiiiinful, but who says there's no such thing as a romantic consolation prize? After brushing off the discomfort of his meeting with Heather, Nev and Max surprised Michael with a video chat featuring the woman whose photos Heather had stolen, Caroline. She was beautiful, equally artistic and seemingly smitten by Michael, so we have to ask: Do you think they could have a future together? The "how did you meet?" routine would certainly never go stale...

After Nev and Max chatted with Caroline, who confirmed that she didn't live in Florida and wasn't dying of cancer, Michael's dream of falling in love with the woman he thought he knew was seemingly dashed. But once he finally got the chance to talk to her face-to-face, there was a definite spark between him and his crush, and when Nev and Max caught up with the love hopeful weeks after filming, he said he and Caroline were still in touch. Could there be more to come from these two, or is there already too much weird history between them?

+ Tell us what you think -- is Maroline a possibility? Take our poll, and explain your choice in the comments!

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