Check Out The Best Of 'Girl Code''s Nicole Byer In Memes!


If Jessimae Peluso is the straight-shooter of "Girl Code," Nicole Byer is its unwieldy rocket launcher, catapulting explosive shells at no target in particular whenever she feels like it. She's sassy, dangerous with a pointer-finger and particularly anal about public restroom decorum, and ever since her first knowing nod, she's been a fan favorite of the show. We can't say we're surprised...

With the second season of "Girl Code" looming, we've decided to take a look back at what went down the first time around. There would never have been a John Adams without a George Washington, and we can only enjoy the second coming of Byer because of her inaugural tongue-lashings. Check out some of the best NB-isms -- meme-ified! -- and hold tight for the "Girl Code" Season 2 premiere on October 29 at 11/10c.

On the basics of hygiene:


On crash diets:


On sports:


On impressing the boyfriend's parents:


 On relationship hiccups:


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