Get Ready For 'Girl Code' Season 2 With This Collection Of JessiMemes


Want some ultra-dry wit? Go to Alice. In need of some sassy? See Nicole. But if the doctor calls for some straight-shooting -- and quick -- find your way to Jessimae. The "Girl Code" starlet has kept audiences cackling by avoiding beating around the bush at all costs, and from her take-no-prisoners approach to relationship rebounds to tips on putting mean girls in their places, you'll never have to wonder where exactly you stand with JM.

The second season of "Girl Code" is only a few weeks away, but if that still seems like a few weeks too many, we've got some choice JessiMemes to hold you over. Check out some of Jessimae Peluso's most sharable sentiments below, and mark your calendars for October 29 at 11/10c, when the series finally returns!

On decorating obsessions:


On the days you just can't get your stuff together:


On mean girls:


On taking up the culinary arts:


In defense of strip clubs:


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