Clark Stevenson Auditions For Palos Hills High's Version Of 'Laguna Beach' [Video]


If "Laguna Beach" taught us one thing, it's that teenage drama can captivate any TV owner, and now that a Palos Hills High School reality TV show seems within reach (at least as far as Fantasyland allows), Clark Stevenson wants to prove his student body can deliver. "Awkward"'s most audacious underclassman sits down to film a casting tape for the potential new series below, and is every bit the finger-snapping, rumor mill-churning pot-stirrer you'd expect him to be. All we can say after listening to his vision is...we'd definitely watch it?

"Girl, you have come to the right place!" Clark assures a producer who's curious about the Palos Hills High goings-on. After mapping out a recent history of the school's "twisted relationships," he dives right into the good stuff, not excluding illicit affairs! "I may or may not have seduced a gym teacher between third and fourth period," he says with a wink. "I'm quick, but thorough." Clark! This is hardly the behavior of a seasoned church camp-goer.

Check out the video, and hang tight for the "Awkward" fall premiere on October 22 at 10:30/9:30c!

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