Talk Of Mackenzie's Faith Causes One 'Teen Mom 3 After Show' Guest To Break Down Crying [Video]


On tonight's episode of "Teen Mom 3," Mackenzie enlisted her own mother's help to confront Josh about his lies, but before the two presented a united front inside Josh's home, they bowed their heads in the car and prayed for the strength to fix the situation. Mackenzie's family's religious convictions have been evident since "16 and Pregnant," but this was the first time we'd seen Mackenzie, herself, actually draw upon prayer for guidance. In our latest "Teen Mom 3 After Show," host Maci Bookout asks whether the high school cheerleader would have reached out to a higher power if she'd been on a solo mission. "Probably not," Mackenzie admits, inferring that while religion was a staple of her childhood and adolescence, it was not necessarily a source of personal redemption.

When Maci asks the other young mothers in the audience whether they rely on their faith when times gets tough, one girl in particular struggles to fight back tears. Mackenzie's story has struck a chord deep within her.


"I mean, I do believe that there's a higher authority than us humans," Kenisha begins. "But I don't rely on it as much as I used to, because I felt that when I did, things just got worse. So, not anymore."

As another guest follows up the comment, tears begin to stream down Kenisha's face, and Katie passes her tissues. When Maci asks what's causing Kenisha to unravel, she shares that she was raised just like Mackenzie, and that she's tried to believe, "but it just gets worse." The entire room understands her frustration, some offering a delicate hand on the shoulder, and then Briana imparts some sage advice she's no doubt learned from experience: "It has to get worse before it gets better, so just keep that in the back of your mind, and I'm pretty sure you'll be okay."

Check out the after show clip, as well as the scene from the episode which spawned the conversation.

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