Maci Bookout Leads A Candid Discussion On The 'Slut' Stigma Of Buying Condoms [Video]


From high school guidance counselors to public transportation ads, pleas for teens to practice safe sex are everywhere. Even we here at MTV provide pregnancy prevention resources on top of dramatic shows like "16 and Pregnant" and "Teen Mom 3" that demonstrate just how much of a struggle unplanned parenthood can be. The teen birth rate is down, so we know you're listening, but we also know there's a difference between hearing the message and actually doing something about it.

Ultimately, developing the confidence and discipline to take control of your sex life is on you, and only you. In an enlightening clip from our latest "Teen Mom 3 After Show" below, host Maci Bookout leads a discussion on how, even after experiencing the struggles of pregnancy, some of the cast members still find it embarrassing to buy condoms. When Maci lightheartedly pokes fun at Briana for making her sister, Brittany, do the drug store exchange during tonight's episode, Briana's response is relateable for all the young women in the room: "I was so nervous, sweat was coming down," she shares. "Like, you ask, I'm not asking. They're gonna think of me like I'm some kind of slut."


Katie explains that she's used an IUD for birth control ever since her six-week post-pregnancy check-up, but out of utter fear that she'll end up pregnant again, she doubles up with condoms. It's a commendable precaution, and she's found a convenient way to avoid judgment at the local pharmacy: ordering them online! But having condoms shipped isn't practical when you're caught up in the moment, and what's really necessary to protect yourself completely is a change in perspective, as one young mom in the audience imparts.

"I'm the total opposite, I could care less," says Katelyn. "If I go in the stores, my friends always ask me to get them for them, so I'm just like, 'Here you go, guys, have fun.'"

Maci also seems to have moved past any fear of being looked down upon, and perhaps has the best advice in the room for blowing off the busybodies: "Next time someone looks at you funny, just be like, 'These are for my daughter.'"

Check out the clip, and join the discussion in the comments!

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