That's What You Said...About Alex's Reaction To Matt's Overdose On 'Teen Mom 3'


During Monday night's "Teen Mom 3: A Closer Look," Alex Sekella shocked "Teen Mom 3" fans with the revelation that her ex-boyfriend Matt's overdose might not have been accidental. While Alex conveyed that the incident left her feeling numb, she was very concerned about how Matt's actions would affect their daughter, Arabella. From sympathy for Alex to pleas for more understanding of Matt's addiction, viewers had much to say about the dramatic event, as well as Alex's reaction to it. Check out some of the opinions posted to Facebook and Remote Control, and keep the conversation going in the comments.


"She's doing her best to cope...she's so young and her emotions are always present, even when you don't see them." -- Alaura B.

"I'm glad Alex is realistic about his drug use and that it isn't in Arabella's life." -- Moxie S.

"The addiction can be controlled and only by one person. That is totally on him." -- Glory J.

"People need to understand that there is always a reason behind why people act how they act and do what they do. I'm under the impression that Matt clashes with his family a lot. Maybe he doesn't feel valued and made the decision to use heroin as a result." -- Kathryn M.

Remote Control:

"I feel very bad about what Alex goes though with her ex, and I hope that she finds someone else better than Matt." -- devin234

"I hope that Alex is much stronger in person than what she appears to be on television. She is so lucky to have such a caring mother in her life because some people don't have that support. Alex, keep your head up!!!!!!!!!!!" -- kitamack74

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