Chanel West Coast Gets The Creepiest Gift Ever From A 'Fantasy Factory' Fan [Photo]


Eek! The "melons" on the melons takes the icky factor to a WHOLE other level.

With her bouncy blonde hair, trademark giggle and sick fashion sense, many would agree that Chanel West Coast is basically a living, breathing hip-hop Barbie. However, one super-fan took the resemblance a step further and made his own Chanel blow-up doll, which he promptly sent to the "Fantasy Factory" set with a request for her John Hancock. Annnnnd cue the "Halloween" theme song.

"Only a fan named Chip would send @chanelwestcoast a blow up doll and ask her to sign it and mail it back to him. Very creepy #fantasyfactory," Rob Dyrdek Instagrammed. Creepy is an understatement, Mr. Dyrdek. Perhaps Chip thought Chanel could use a body double to help relieve some of her Trukfit modeling pressure, or that the fantasy in "Fantasy Factory" stood for something...else. But if there's one way to turn off your celebrity crush, this would be it. The rapping receptionist then reposted the image of her unusual present, writing "Me @robdyrdek & Big Black chillin with the blow up doll I received from a creepy fan lol #weird." Only CWC could laugh in the face of something as strange as this. We hope you enjoy your new friend!

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Photo: @robdyrdek