'Catfish' Finale Sneak Peek: Michael Won't Give Up On His Creeper


While most of the couples on "Catfish" are always in communication with each other online, physical distance tends to prevent them from meeting in person. But aspiring artist Michael has no excuse for never coming face to face with his virtual girlfriend of a year and a half, because THEY LIVE IN THE SAME CITY. In the sneak peek below, Michael tells Nev and Max that he once came pretty close to getting together with Caroline, whom he met on a dating website, but her anxiety and battle with colon cancer gave her cold feet.

The love detectives are skeptical of whether Caroline's who she claims, especially after Michael confesses that Caroline's behavior has grown increasingly bizarre over time. "She actually had her friend drive by my house one night...and she left a note on my Jeep," Michael explains. After hearing this, Nev and Max are convinced Caroline's a stalker, but Michael can't bear the thought of losing his sweet creeper.

"How can I just leave somebody that I'm that tied to?" he asks them. "I love who she is."

Check out the clip, and don't miss the SEASON FINALE of "Catfish" Tuesday at 10/9c!

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