'Awkward.' Actress Nikki Deloach Dishes On Pregnancy And Her TV Daughter's Downward Spiral


Nikki Deloach shows off her baby bump at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards.

It wasn't long ago that "Awkward" actress Nikki Deloach told us how much playing Lacey Hamilton has changed her perspective on motherhood, and now, in the 11th hour of her pregnancy, she's about to find out what being a parent is truly all about.

We talked to Nikki about her hopes for raising a child, as well as what's to come when Season 3 of "Awkward" returns -- take a look at our exclusive interview with her, and tune in to the show's return Tuesday night at 10:30/9:30c!

We've heard a lot about how Bad Girl Jenna will take over Palos Hills -- how will the upcoming episodes be different from those of seasons past?

This season takes a darker tone; we take Jenna and Lacey to places the audience has never seen. Our young, young audience, they're freaking out a little because they have yet to get to that place in their lives where you make mistakes, but then we have the little bit older audience, who are loving what we're doing this season because they get it, and they've been through that -- the moments where the wheels have fallen off. There's a lot of repairing to do, but there's still a lot of funny.

Previously, Lacey has played the villain for penning the Carefrontation letter and Jenna's held the moral high ground. Now, the roles are reversed. What's that like?

It was very weird to flip that dynamic. I had to sit down and figure out who Lacey is as a disciplinarian -- as a parent, not a "peer-ent." So far on the show, it has been Jenna saying "Mom, don't do that; mom, put your boobs away," and being more of the adult sometimes. But the most important thing to Lacey has always been her daughter, and so it's not necessarily that she wants her daughter to be this perfectly behaved person now -- there's room for mistakes -- but what she doesn't want is for her daughter to go so far off the wrong path that she gets herself hurt, or hurts other people.

There is a definitive moment where that will happen with Jenna, and Lacey ends up coming out of the fray as this redeeming character who did the right thing while her daughter didn't. But how exactly do you handle a teenage daughter? I don't know. I'm scared sh**less -- I'm about to have this baby, so what happens when he gets to his teenage years and I can't control him? Knowing myself, I might handcuff his butt to the bed.

Do you feel differently about playing a mom now that you're pregnant?

Everything is just enhanced. I mean, it's everything -- you go to the doctor, and the doctor's like, "He's a little small," and you're like, "WHAT?! Oh, my God, what have I done?!" There's no rationale, everything goes out the window. All of a sudden, the most important thing in your life becomes this child. Moving forward, having a kid is only going to enhance all of my acting in all types of ways because I'll be feeling things I've never felt before.

What are you most looking forward to about motherhood?

Right now, I have no idea what to expect. I know that this is going to change my life, and change my heart forever -- it already has. Already, I watch Johnson & Johnson baby commercials and am bawling, and that didn't happen to me before! Your love grows bigger and bigger, and I didn't even realize I had the capacity to love something so much. I can only imagine how much bigger that's going to get when I see his little face.

Will there be more of the Val/Lacey buddy-buddy routine this season?

Yes, it continues, thank God! One of the biggest gifts of doing the show has been my friendship with Desi Lydic; I just can't imagine my life without her friendship. To get to work with my best friend on set, it's a dream come true, and Val is so funny. Specifically, look for Episode 19: It's a special hour-long episode and it is jam-packed with Lacey and Val -- it's one of my favorite episodes we've done in all three seasons. You'll be seeing more of VaLacey! That's my hashtag for them.

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