Mario Lopez Relives His Bayside High Days With Massive Birthday Pimple


Who has tickets to the gun show at 15? Answer: Mario Lopez does.

Normally we'd feel terrible for the person who wakes up on their birthday to find a honkin' pimple on their face, but when that someone is Mario Lopez -- who's managed to preserve his perfect skin and model good looks for DECADES -- we're a teensy bit less sympathetic. This morning, the father of two alerted Twitter to his very first 40th birthday gift, a big fat zit, and we can't help but think it's about time the Adonis succumbed to the same cosmetic afflictions as us mere mortals.

"So, it's my b-day & I already got a present," he wrote. "It's like a squatter living on my head... C'mon at 40?!" Hmm, do we sense an exaggeration?

Though blemishes are no fun for anyone, Mario's wife and Twitter following made sure to remind him how lucky he is in the looks department. "Happy birthday to the hottest husband/daddy in the entire world! I love you so much!" Courtney Mazza tweeted. And fan @MTJDinaJBDemiLV shared, "zit on your Birthday, just God's way of telling you you're still young."

Check out the images below of Mario throughout the years, and wish him a HBD in the comments!


Mario looks flawless at 25.


Dimples and muscles for days at 27.


Mario on "Dancing With The Stars" at age 33.


Mario today. The man is ageless!

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Photos: NBC, Ron Gallela, SGranitz, Adam Larkey, George Pimentel/Getty Images