Before Its Season 3 Return, Have Yourself An 'Awkward.' Marathon With MTV's New DVD Collection


A bad girl -- even one who's brand new to the dark side -- doesn't turn overnight, and if you want a reminder of how Jenna Hamilton transformed from Ariel to Ursula, you're in luck. Before Season 3 of "Awkward" returns on October 22 at 10:30/9:30c, you have the opportunity (for the very first time!) to get every episode on DVD. If you're a little fuzzy on J-Town's first day back at Palos Hills High School after the infamous "accident" or Jenna and Matty's many ups and downs, it's about time to catch up.

Seasons 1 and 2 of the show are FINALLY available for purchase after Season 3 sold like hotcakes earlier this summer, and include exactly 528 minutes worth of Val's sage advice, Tamara's mile-a-minute diatribes and, of course, every iteration of the Sadie Saxton bitch face. Plus, if you buy the DVDs in-person at Walmart, you'll also get access to each episode through VUDU for free. Yeah, you're welcome. (Man, that just never gets old.)

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