Mac Miller Drops The Mic To Play Irish Folk Music With Emerald Isle Natives [Video]

Mac Miller has entertained thousands of fans across his European tour with sonic beats and sick rhymes, but during a recent stop in Ireland, he decided to pay tribute to the country's more traditional sounds. When in Rome, do as the Romans do, but when in Dublin...grab a guitar and go nuts in a Guinness-stocked pub!

Mac's "Most Dope" co-star and real-life friend Jimmy Instagrammed the video above of Mac playing acoustic guitar with a group of Irish fiddlers (anyone else half-expect to see "Titanic"'s Jack and Rose jump out from behind the brick wall and start dancing?). While the upbeat, knee-slapping style definitely differs from Mac's more hardcore sound, the artist's new musical venture doesn't really shock those of us who have followed his career closely. Remember when he put out an instrumental LP or took on a flurry of new identities? It's only a matter of time before Mac turns his stay in the Emerald Isle into a full-blown tenure in "Once." Mark our words, laddie!

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