Bow Wow Responds To 'Catfish,' Says He'd Like To Meet Both Keyonnah And Dee [Video]


Bow Wow hosts "106 & Park."

Though Bow Wow wasn't the first celebrity whose likeness was used for a "Catfish" scheme, the "106 & Park" host made sure to be the first who directly responded to the whole ordeal. In the BET video below, Bow Wow explains how he feels about being impersonated by the show's most recent Internet-manipulator, Dee, and has a special message for her and his superfan, Keyonnah: He'd like to meet them! Hey, maybe all of Keyonnah's mortification wasn't in vain!

Bow Wow starts off the clip by explaining that he's surprised anyone would ever try to snatch his identity. "I feel honored," he says. "It's dope and it's flattering when someone wants to be you." His message echoes the sentiments of "Catfish" identity victim, Jessie Morrison, but when it comes down to it, he's not upset, just intrigued. "Frankly, I'd actually like to meet them both," he says, adding that he'd invite the girls on his show so that he could ask them some questions. Keyonnah, meet your silver lining.

+ Check out the video for Bow Wow's views on Internet dating, and don't miss the "Catfish" reunion, Tuesday night at 11/10c, directly following the season finale!

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Photo: Getty Images