Speidi Back To Their Old Shenanigans, Confess To Web Show Hoax


To Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, bending the truth is a birthright. The married couple, infamous for their scheming on "The Hills," have always had a fondness for the art of exaggeration, and frankly, they're rather skilled at it. Back in 2010, they gave the press whiplash with an expertly masterminded divorce sham, and though they took an extended time out from such shenanigans, the duo is back to their old tricks.

To be fair, Speidi's latest hoax is more of a silly white lie, but the elaborate lengths to which they went in order to make people believe they had a new live web show are rather impressive. Not only did the partners-in-crime fake detailed episode recaps on their website, but they even got other celebs in on the joke. "Loved tonight's episode you guys!! #speidishow," Spencer's sis Stephanie tweeted after one of the eps supposedly aired, and Rylan Clark, who lived with them in the "Celebrity Big Brother" house, even promoted their new project: "@spencerpratt and @heidimontag have a new online show. Like living with them all over again! http://Speidishow.com #speidishow," he posted.

Yesterday, Speidi confessed their well-hidden truth to Us Weekly, explaining that the show is a social media experiment i.e. totally fake. "SpeidiShow is just as real as [people's] image of us," Spencer told Us. "People have tried little Twitter tricks, but this is bigger. It's a whole interactive world -- the show, the backstory, the on and offscreen drama, made out of a huge online collaborative improv game." Well, then, that's settled.

Speidi's charade might be over, but this is obviously not the last time the twosome will attempt such tomfoolery. And let us all be thankful for that.

+ Check out the official website for SpeidiShow, and tell us what you think of it!

Photo: James Whatling/Splash News