Caught On GIF! 'Catfish' Dee Declares Herself The Queen Of Turning Straight Girls


Keyonnah's jaw drops when Dee emerges.

If Keyonnah wanted to date someone macho, she definitely found that on tonight's "Catfish," but sadly, her fantasy did not manifest in the form of rapper Bow Wow...or in a man, for that matter. As soon as a 23-year-old woman named Dee walked out of her cousin's front door in Atlanta, Keyonnah looked like she'd seen a ghost, and though Dee assured the single mom that she was still committed to helping her financially, Keyonnah couldn't help but cry in embarrassment.

Considering the look of trauma on Keyonnah's face throughout her first face-to-face conversation with Dee, it's no huge surprise that she hasn't spoken to her since, especially after Dee revealed how much she likes the "challenge" of turning straight women into lady-lovers. Check out the hugely uncomfortable meeting between Dee and Keyonnah in a series of GIFs.


Dee declares her loyalty to Keyonnah...


...but Keyonnah's already checked out.


Dee describes the ways in which she lures her ladies.


Max inquires about Dee's...uhh...talents.


Dee assures Max she's got skills.

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