'Catfish' Poll: Was Keyonnah Naive To Believe She Was Dating Bow Wow?


It's easy to say from the comfort of our couches that Keyonnah, a single mother, should have known better than to believe she was dating world-famous rapper and "106 & Park" host Bow Wow. However, if there's one thing we've learned on "Catfish," it's that love -- or at least, what seems to be love -- can make you do crazy things. Ultimately, a woman named Dee who came clean about her fake page confirmed what most of us believed would be the case -- that Keyonnah was being duped -- but was there ever a moment in which Keyonnah's story seemed like it could have been the real deal?

Nev and Max were skeptics of "Bow Wow"'s identity from the get-go, but when Keyonnah described how he'd kindly sent her $10,000 to help out her and her daughter, they considered the possibility that Keyonnah wasn't completely off the mark. Plus, when "Bow Wow" sent Keyonnah texts explaining that he was in Atlanta for a show, the whens and wheres seemed to add up. But no amount of finger-crossing and fairy dust could save Keyonnah from the eventual heartbreak and embarrassment of learning she'd been played, and the episode ended with the two women no longer on speaking terms.

+ Should Keyonnah have smelled Dee's scheme from a mile away, or did she have good enough reason to believe she was dating Bow Wow? Take the poll!

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