Oh, Snooki, You're So Fine! The Former Cheerleader Blows Minds On 'Dancing With The Stars' [Video]


Sasha and Snooki are ready to get their cheer on!

Even the Energizer Bunny has to conk out eventually, and on last night's "Dancing with the Stars," Nicole Polizzi shared that her weekly cross-country flights between L.A. and Jersey (family comes first!) and the physical stress of constant rehearsals had finally caught up with her. Snooki said she'd been sick for the better part of the week, which made practicing the Jive with her partner all the more grueling. On top of it all, Sasha's cheerleader-themed choreography brought up some painful memories for the former squad girl.

In the "DWTS" video clip below, Snooks explains how the pressure to be thin to keep her flyer spot on her high school's cheer team led to her becoming anorexic. That was a long time ago, however, and now the proud mom is using her "DWTS" time to "make new positive memories." And that's exactly what she did when she hit the dance floor, ultimately masking any sign of illness during one of the most exciting routines of the night. G-O S-N-O-O-K-I!

Check out the performance:


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Photo: Nicole Polizzi's Instagram

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