'Teen Mom 3' Poll: Is Briana Too Dependent On Roxanne?


Briana's sister has shown an enormous amount of support in helping to raise Nova, but on tonight's episode of "Teen Mom 3," the cracks in Brittany's armor finally began to show, and she grew frustrated at playing second fiddle to Briana's drama.

After Brittany offered to watch Nova during the daytime so her sis could start college, suddenly EVERYTHING was all about Briana. From impulse-buying school supplies to chauffeuring her to and from school, Brittany couldn't stand how much their mom, Roxanne, was bending over backwards to make Briana happy. It all came to a head when Brittany was forced to wait in the parking lot while Briana went to class for two hours, and rather than going to the park with her mom and Nova, she called her friend to vent about Briana being coddled. By the end of the episode, Brittany said she was ready to move out, and completely fed up with Briana's lack of independence.

+ Do you think Brittany had a point, or was she overreacting? Take our poll and sound off in the comments.

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