8 Badass Chicks From Texas That Would Make 'Big Tips' At Redneck Heaven


High hair and a hearty "yee-haw!" do not a Texas girl make. While the stereotype of a Lone Star State native is clear (perhaps she's got a ten-gallon hat or a steed named Lightning), the 21st century cowgirl can be any number of things, and when "Big Tips Texas" premieres on October 9 at 10/9c, you'll see just how far the prototype has evolved.

Below are eight ladies from Texas who are as different as they come, but all as tough as nails. Check 'em out, and be sure to see how the bartenders of Redneck Heaven rep the nation's 28th state when "Big Tips Texas" premieres Wednesday night!


Tami Taylor, "Friday Night Lights": Ladies and gentleman, feast your eyes on the perfect woman. The guidance counselor-turned-principal's compassion keeps her husband, Coach Eric Taylor, grounded amid small town drama, and she always knows just the right thing to say when daughter Julie's hormones go into super drive. Tami's as level-headed as they come, but don't be fooled: She sure can cut a rug after a few margaritas.

Janis Joplin: Rock's coolest chick died much too young, but changed the face of music for women in the brief time she spent making it.


Liz Lee, "My Life As Liz": Moving across the country takes guts, and proud hipster Liz Lee was bold enough to fly the coop and head to New York for college. Liz isn't cocky, but she's definitely not one to be walked on.

Ellie Ewing, "Dallas": The matriarch of all matriarchs, Miss Ellie Ewing was kind and caring, but not afraid to tell it like it is, stepping up as head of the family's oil company while battling breast cancer.


Beyonce: Queen Bey's vocal range qualifies her for a spot atop Mount Olympus and her dance moves are other-wordly. Want to accuse her of lip-synching? You better be prepared for the repercussions.


The Bride, "Kill Bill": Generally speaking, a gunshot wound to the head at point-blank range will take you out, but this exceedingly violent heroine only used the usually lethal wound to fuel her fire. When she's got a sword in her hand, it'd be in your best interest to back away.


Kelly Clarkson: If you can build a ten-plus year career on self-empowerment anthems, you've probably got some Texas in you. Kelly Clarkson has got lungs of steel and isn't afraid to go toe-to-toe with music's biggest execs to protect her integrity.


Holland Roden: She plays scream queen Lydia Martin on "Teen Wolf," and though the character is more bookworm than brute, she's got a strength that can only come from years spent as a Texan. Her Varsity jacket might read Beacon Hills, but she's a Dallas girl through and through.

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