The 'Big Tips Texas' Barmaids Insist Rubbing A Lime Wedge Into Your Armpits Is A Solid Hangover Cure [Video]


The coffee and cold shower routine is for the uninformed -- if you really want to kill your hangover once and for all, just listen to the barmaids of "Big Tips Texas." No strangers to the effects of too much booze, the Redneck Heaven gals have tested every morning-after remedy in the book, and in the how-to video below, they offer up their favorite tried-and-true methods, which include cayenne pepper, citrus deodorant and, of course, more alcohol.

After a few too many the night before, Amber and Sabrina join Typhani and Claire to share tips on easing back into sobriety, and from a "Mexican hot tea" to a fruity Speed Stick alternative, they really run the gamut. If you ask Amber, though, the most effective solution is the oldest in the book: a little hair of the dog with a pickle juice chaser. "Give it about two minutes, you'll be feelin' good," she says with a thumbs-up and a wink. And just like that the room stopped spinning!

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