Season 2 Of 'Girl Code' To Include Many More Vagina And Virginity Insights [Trailer]


Got "Girl Code" withdrawal? Yeah, us too -- NO ONE seems to wanna talk about their vaginas in this damn office! Thankfully, Season 2 is almost here, and as you can see in the new trailer below, no subject is off limits.

While Season 1 of the hit MTV show touched on the basics of everyday life as a chick -- from bathroom etiquette to passive-aggressive compliment wars -- the new eps are diving deeper into dealings with the opposite sex, so if you want to know exactly how to weasel a Naya Rivera-sized engagement ring out of your boyfriend, you're golden. Jessimae, Nicole and the rest of the comedic crew are also giving straight talk on the least romantic experience you'll ever have (yep, losing your virginity!) to why airing your insecurities on social media is pretty pathetic. And let's not leave out zits. Big. Monster. Zits.

Check out the trailer, and don't miss the Season 2 premiere of "Girl Code" on October 29 at 11/10c!

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