Carly Aquilino And Boyfriend Chris DiStefano Rejoice Over 'NOT Pregnant' Test Result [Video]


Another relationship milestone reached! While you were busy wading through the pumpkin patch or clearing a nacho plate in honor of football's return, "Code" couple Carly Aquilino and Chris Distefano discovered they were not, in fact, having a baby together, and celebrated by cheering on the toilet and near the toilet, respectively. Who knew pregnancy was even a possibility after seeing their typical nighttime ritual.

"WE DID IT!!!" Chris tweeted with an accompanying Vine video that shows the couple celebrating a negative test result. Chris and Carly only recently moved in together, and we can't imagine a better housewarming gift (nice try, down-the-hall neighbor's muffin basket, and better luck next time, old college friend who went wild with a Yankee Candle coupon). This calls for a bottle of the finest tainted wine!

Check out the video for relief like you've never seen before!

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