Ready Yourself For 'Big Tips Texas' With This Video Montage Of Blurry Wobbly Bits


It's hardly uncommon to see below-the-waist body parts get the blur or black bar treatment on MTV reality shows -- pants simply seem to be optional for a great number of our cast members. We here at Remote Control happen to think censored wobbly bits -- of both the male and female variety -- are the unsung heroes of the network, and come tomorrow, you'll be bombarded with a lot more of 'em.

"Big Tips Texas," premiering at 10/9c Wednesday night, follows a group of young women working at Redneck Heaven, a bar franchise in the Lone Star State that boasts a dress code of underwear-as-outerwear, and as ANYONE who dons only a demi-bra and denim thong to the office can attest, fashion emergencies are unavoidable. Especially when fighting your co-workers to the ground is a normal occurrence.


To prepare you for the abundance of blocked junk to come (seriously, we're talking "Jersey Shore" levels), we've put together this elegant video montage of MTV's past, present and future almost-seen privates. Enjoy, and make sure to tune in for the premiere of "Big Tips Texas" Wednesday night at 10/9c!

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