Travel Back In Time With This Classic ’90s Sitcom Time Capsule!

A teenage Danielle Fishel on the cover of Tiger Beat magazine.

While many of today’s young and famous are more concerned with planning their next twerk-fest than posing for teen magazines, those of us who remember the ’90s recall a simpler time, when PG interviews with the stars we worshiped graced the pages of Tiger Beat and YM. It may come as a surprise, but back then the press didn’t cover many sex tape stories or nipply photo galleries — the promise of full-sized posters we could rip out of the rag and hang on our bedroom walls was enough to hook readers.

If two decades have blurred your memory of the era, we’ve put together a refresher in the form of a media time capsule featuring MTV2’s old-school crew. Check it out, and tell us what you remember most — if anything — about the ’90s!

“Boy Meets World”
Danielle Fishel and Rider Strong were the eye candy of “Boy Meets World,” so these two were pros at posing for the cameras. Meanwhile, Ben Savage, like his character, Cory, was more of a comedian on set. Take a look at the “BMW” trio below in their mint ’90s fashions (excluding the straw hat), as well as a video clip of Danielle giving a tour of her hometown.

When gangsta rap and grunge were all the rage.

How many girls do you think had this on their wall?

Ben Savage was always the jokester.

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